Photographer and Designer

Making the usual unusual and the unusual usual.


Our story

I’m Diana Manasii Petrea & he’s Ciprian Manasii. Most of the time you’ll be chatting with Ciprian, while you'll be getting all written docs from me. Even if we are both former police officers, I'm the Rule Breaker, while Ciprian is the Rule Setter. I'm the Unformal, while Ciprian is the Formal. I'm Instinct, he's Reason. I'm Photo, he is Video. We love our Children, Wolves and Netflix. Call us Yin and Yang, Laurel and Hardy, Mrs and Mr Smith... Either is fine. We are a team, and will be there for you to have a perfect circle of...everything!

Our story

While being based in London, we founded Agentia de Fotografie, a photo-video production company, but still working most of our time in Romania. We happily travel all over the world, not only for money, but for the experience of seeing new places. We've started the bussines in 2018 but we already shot  over 35 weddings in United Kingdom, Italy, Moldavian Republic, Romania and the list is still growing. At the time of writing, 01/01/2020, we already shot over 100 independent family, fashion and private photo sessions, over 50 Christening Events with  millions of images taken and lots of famous clients happy.